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Monthly Poetry Slam

Poets are invited to compete in our monthly poetry slam! Up to eight slammers compete to win a Some-Antics winner's notebook and cash prize!

The slam takes place over two three minute rounds with the winner decided by members of the audience.


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Annual Championship Slam

At the end of each year the winners of the monthly slams, plus two runners up drawn at random, are invited to compete for the title of Some-Antics Slam Champion! Prizes include cash, a trophy, a paid feature slot at Some-Antics, as well as feature slots at our friends' events such as Word!, Run Your Tongue, Apples and Snakes and Pic N Mix!

Some-Antics Slam Champions


Jemima Hughes

Champion 2019

"With Sammy as host and Ninja Bob as DJ, Some-Antics has a vibe like no other, music to make you move and words to keep you on the edge of your seat. This night surrounds you with friends and makes you feel like family. To perform alongside so many talented wordsmiths was inspiring and an absolute pleasure and I look forward to every future event. Winning the Some-Antics Slam Champion 2019 title was the cherry on top of a cake covered in cherries, and would have been deserved by any and all of the slammers. Turn up! And prepare to be a part of something special."

Jemima Hughes


Abena Badiako

Champion 2018

"Some-Antics means a lot to me.


It was instrumental in giving me a space to share my story and it really helped me in my journey to believing that I was a talented writer and that my stories deserved to me heard.


After I fell in love with Spoken word poetry as an art form at UniSlam, Some-Antics was one of the open mic and slams that I attended religiously.


My journey at Some-Antics was quite a whirlwind in all the best ways. I first stepped through the doors in October 2018 and it was such a warm atmosphere.


Everyone asked my name, welcomed me in and I performed my poem at the open mic. It was about the love I had for music and singing from childhood when I was about three feet tall haha.


I remember being overwhelmed with the love and positive feedback. Sammy, Sandra and Kish all encouraged me to take part in the slam the following month. So I did and I won in November 2018. And then I entered the December 2018 Slam and I won that one too and it was all so exciting. That’s why I say it was a whirlwind. So when I was entered in the Some-Antics championship slam for 2018 and I won that too, I was overwhelmed and so grateful. The talent that night was incredible. It was an honour to share a stage with such passionate performers month after month.


I have so many highlights with Some-Antics. Some of them include joining Sammy to perform my poem on BBC radio Leicester as their November Slam winner.


Another is getting to sing on stage after a slam and also feeling comfortable enough to come out as queer through some of my poems because Some-Antics made it safe enough to do so. The people and the warmth was everything.


Some-Antics, you made me feel like my big dreams weren’t out of reach. I will never forget how much you felt like home. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’m still so honoured of to be crowned as your First Some-Antics Slam Champion.

Abena Bedioko