‘Some-Antics has been great since starting, offering a really warm group setting for great people to come together to share their art or music, linking people from different walks of life 💚💚💚’


King Cheeko

‘Some Antics has always made me feel welcome with its friendly people and relaxed atmosphere. I use my computer to perform my poetry but I am treated the same as every other person who goes to the entertaining, slightly weird but always full of amazing talent.’


Matt Gopsill

‘Some-Antics is an amazing Spoken word poetry night and community, which has opened up a whole new world to me, lovely people, a fantasic vibe, fun, laughter and tears. A truly brilliant bunch of poets and artists, that I’m really happy to have shared a stage with.’


Kyle Coare

‘I was delighted to be at the first Some Antics, not knowing what great fun it would become. A night always full of silly banter and friendly faces, and more often than not, poems as well. What more could you want?’


Rosa Fernandez

‘Some Antics brought me confidence, joyful laughter, fun times, amazing poetry and the opportunity to connect with some fantastic humans.’


Sumiyyah Bloomwood